WOW, I am pregnant ! (3-5 weeks)

(Mandarin followed by English)

Martin and I just came back to Tokyo from a wonderful 4-days art trip of Setouchi Triennale 2016 (website) on Sunday, and thought I was the luckiest woman in the world  (with pink bubble surrounded)! With the happiness, I went back to work right on the other day. For the following week, I felt extremely exhausted everyday after work and suddenly had no interest for sex. (!!! big deal!!!)  I thought it was because of going back to work immediately after a long 7-days break + we had a bad argument about a stupid thing and it ended up with crying whole night. ( “I hate you!!!!” I was yelled in my mind in the morning on the working day with my ugly puffy eyes…..arhhh)

He was frustrated and ( I think) upset about my reaction (i.e.: ignored his romantic movement and then went to bed right away). But I couldn’t help and believed that there might be something in my mind (because of the argument) and it needed some more time to digest.

However, the abnormal tiredness continued till the 4th day of that week (Thursday), it was too much for me and one idea flashed in my mind all of sudden : “Is it because I am pregnant?” OMG!!! My whole universe was freaked out by this idea and I have to know the answer!

One of the amazing things in Tokyo is pharmacy stores are everywhere. In just 15 mins after having the idea, I got 2 lines on the ClearBlue home pregnancy test kit (here). YES, I am pregnant!

On the other day, we went to Roppongi Hills Clinic (here), they have English speaking doctor) for confirmation. The answer, again, is Yes. However, since it was only the 3rd week  (too early to see the embryo), we have wait till the 5th week to visit big hospital again and ensure there’s no ectopic pregnancy.

Before the visit, I was super worried:

  • Possible ectopic pregnancy?
  • Miscarriage?
  • What about my myoma fibrosis? (Doctor in Roppongi Hills Clinic told me that I have a 7cm myoma & it’ll grow due to hormone when pregnancy !!!!) Will it affect the babe?

A week later, We visited Doctor Tamada Saori in Sanno Hospital (here). She  is recommended by doctor in Roppongi Hills Clinic. In short, I like Dr.Tamada, because she’s tough, sharp and very encouraging. I saw the embryo by ultrasound!  My biggest concern is the big myoma fibrosis in my belly, but she told me “Let’s monitor it carefully and don’t worry too much. Baby is strong, and myoma now is not effecting the growth or development of the baby!”, “But it might force premature labor in trimester, we have to be more careful”, “You are my patient, let’s make appointment next time to check heartbeat”

After the visit, we turned our worries into hope and happiness. Martin hugged me tightly and said “We are staring a family!” And we went to the famous SuiTenGu shrine (check) to pray for healthiness of our babe. Martin kept telling me “You have my full support, and my bank account’s full support, too. There’s nothing you should be worried.”, “I want to experience every step of this with you.”

Wow, I am pregnant. A whole new chapter begins and I can’t wait for it. =)


剛剛結束瀨戶內海藝術季旅行,這趟旅行充滿美食、建築與美景,讓我覺得自己是全世界最幸福的人(加上泡泡與灑花)。結束了這次七天的假期,週日回到東京,週一馬上回到工作崗位。接下來的一週感到特別疲憊與力不從心,而且完全喪失性慾(我的老天爺,這是大事!!)。我將原因歸咎於長假後忙碌的工作,以及我們剛好為了一件無聊的事情(無聊到不需要在此浪費篇幅說明)吵翻天,然後驚天地泣鬼神的哭了將近一整夜,然後隔天帶著腫脹的青蛙眼上班。「我恨你!!!!」 我在隔天青蛙眼上班的整天都這樣想對馬丁怒吼。



在東京的好處就是藥妝店到處都是。在我小宇宙開始翻騰的15分鐘內就得到兩條線(我使用的是 ClearBlue home pregnancy test kit (here))。是的,我懷孕了。雖然線淡淡地令人懷疑驗孕棒是不是在猶豫,但當我問問題在給好姐妹群組,Fanli 一看到就說「恭喜!!!沒有懷孕的話什麼鬼都看不到,但只要有一點點蛛絲馬跡,就是大大恭喜啦!」,

慎重起見,隔天找了有會說英文醫生的Roppongi Hills Clinic (here)確認,沒錯,懷孕了!但因為三週還真的太早(醫生對我這麼早發現嘖嘖稱奇,還問我為什麼想要驗孕。。。。),看不到胚胎,所以我得再等一陣子,待胚胎成型時至大醫院檢查,確認是否有子宮外孕。


  • 可能子宮外孕?
  • 三週真的很早,會不會流產?小孩留著住嗎?
  • 我懷孕了,子宮肌瘤怎麼辦?醫生發現有個7公分子宮肌瘤,同時隨著懷孕時的賀爾蒙分泌,肌瘤還會持續長大。這會影響懷孕或是影響寶寶生長與健康嗎?


一週後,我們至找之前診所推薦的山王病院(here),預約到了會說英文的玉田醫師(Dr.Tamada Saori)。我很喜歡她!因為她的直接且給人信心。透過超音波,看到了胚胎乖乖在正確位置上,心中放下了一塊石頭。而針對我最擔心的肌瘤,玉田醫生說「讓我們仔細追蹤,別太擔心。寶寶非常強壯,子宮肌瘤影響不到他的成長。」、「子宮肌瘤是對媽媽影響比較大,可能在最後三個月會誘發早產,所以屆時要小心注意」、「你是我的病人,我們來約下次確認心跳吧!」



Wow! 我真的懷孕了!嶄新的篇章正要展開,我已經等不及好好閱讀 =)


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