10 stylish kids clothing brands (AW16)

Since I was the producer for Yahoo!Fashion Taiwan (5 years ago), I’ve been interested in searching for super cute and chic children wear. For the little nugget in my oven now, I have reviewed all my old time favourite brands and found that there are even more interesting brands nowadays!

Maybe some of these brands are pricy; however, I do believe that by surfing good amount of fascinating & refreshing design often, it will continuously cultivate and sharpen your fashion taste.  By doing so, finding hidden gem with designer pattern or cutting in ZARA, H&M, or Primark will be super easy with a lot of fun.

Here are 10 really cool and chic kids clothing brands for AW16:


也許有些品牌價位偏高,但是我一直認為只要花足夠的時間常常瀏覽這些令人驚喜又新鮮的設計,你的品味與敏感度會漸漸被培養。而你會發現,有天會在ZARA, H&M 或是其它平價店舖發現充滿設計師巧思、不得不買的驚喜單品,很有趣喔!

1. Franky Grow (website / Instagram)


2. Andorine (website / Instagram)

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Andorine lifesyle brand

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3.Soft Gallery (website / Instagram)


4.Meme Kids wear (website / Instagram)


5.Lot801 (website / Instagram)



6.Emily Et Ida (website / Instagram)


7. Noe & Zoe Berlin (website / Instagram)


8. Nikolia Kids (website / Instagram)


9. Carrement Beau (Instagram)


10. Arch & Line (website / Instagram)

Last but not least, This photo was taken when I was producer in Yahoo!Fashion. That was a fun job and I still miss it a lot =)



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